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Dry Reeds

Dry Eye Treatments

Dr. Ghaznawi will provide you with a detailed and personalized dry eye treatment plan. We offer in- office treatments which can help you regain function and comfort.

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Laser Cataract Surgery 

Dr. Ghaznawi provides state-of the- art laser cataract surgery . Visit us to learn more about this 

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Personalized Lens Surgery

Based on your day-to day needs, we will help you choose the right lens for your life style. Contact us for an evaluation.

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Corneal Cross Linking

Dr. Ghaznawi performs the only FDA approved procedure for the treatment and prevention of Keratoconus. 

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Refractive Surgery

Specializing in blade-less refractive surgery, contact our office to see if you are a candidate.

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Laser Glaucoma Surgery

Dr. Ghaznawi offers in-office FDA approved laser treatments for narrow angle glaucoma, open angle glaucoma , and normal pressure glaucoma.